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What is Lanesharing?

Often called lane-splitting, white-lining, or filtering, lanesharing is the practice by motorcyclists of moving between stopped or slow moving traffic during times of congestion and between lanes of vehicles, traveling in the same direction. There’s a certain protocol to the practice which you’ll discover on this website on our California page. Lanesharing is not legal in the US, but it is allowed or tolerated in parts of the country, notably California. The practice is also utilized in other parts of the world, including Europe and Asia.


Misconceptions are rampant about lanesharing, and we address this on our Misconceptions page. While there are many individuals including motorcyclists who oppose this practice, ironically an overwhelming majority of motorcycle safety professionals are in favor of legalizing lane-sharing. Our Why Laneshare? page will explore what these professionals and other motorcyclists are saying about lanesharing.


There have been attempts to legalize lanesharing in Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Washington State. Although we are more familiar with the effort in Washington, we are also looking for related information in other states and countries. We are also looking for ways we can improve this website. Go to our Contact Us page to submit your ideas and suggestions.

Ride To Work Day, June 17, 2013

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A really nice video on Lane Sharing.

From our friends at Hell For Leather Magazine



Sign the petition to Reduce congestion by amending RCW 46.61.608: Amend RCW 46.61.608 allowing lane splitting by motorcycles in congestion Sign it Here

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